Morning/evening Session 7 Days
The Registered Dietitians can offer expertise to assess the nutritional adequacy of your daily diet and recommend any changes to bridge the gap that may lead to any underlying health problems.
Our team of dietitians are here to help you reach your health and lifestyle goals. They are also equipped with in depth experience to help you deal with lifestyle ailments like Weight related issues, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hormonal Imbalances, High Cholesterol, Food Allergies, Osteoporosis, Metabolic Syndrome and many related ailments.
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Benefits of Nutrition Consultation
Scientific and Experienced approach towards Food & Nutrition.
Tailor-made Nutritional plans as per client needs.
There are no shortcuts to the process of achieving health goals, No crash or fad diets will be prescribed.
Nutritional plans are practical and sustainable to the client’s day-to-day lifestyle.
Nutrition Programme
Dietitian: Kirti Tatiwala
Dietitian: Deepmala Toshniwal
Type: 1 Session - 1500 INR
Type: 4 Session - 5000 INR
Kirti Tatiwala
Deepmala Toshniwal
about the expert
Kirti Tatiwala & Deepmala Toshniwal, Registered Dietitians, are accredited with the Indian Dietetics Association with over 17+ years of experience in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition. Their experience encompasses a wide range of avenues for Retail Brands, Corporates, FMCG, Ready to Eat Food Companies, Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Research & Nutrition Columnist and Teaching Faculty. They can help you get acquainted with a series of useful, practical and research oriented information on Food, Nutrition and Related Wellness, which is easy to retain, translate and implement in your day-to-day lives. Their expertise lies in extending patient/client centric diet counseling sessions that best suits their needs.
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Once you have signed up on the Journey of being Nutritionally Fit, our team of Dietitians will partner your Journey…. From Being…to Well-Being!
Benefit 1
In a Diet Consultation session, your Nutritional Expert will assess your Wellness quotient on the basis of your: Personal, Clinical, Wellness & Diet history.
Benefit 2
In-depth Nutritional advice will be given taking into consideration your nutritional and lifestyle approach based on the above parameters.
Benefit 3
A detailed nutrition plan focusing on your short term and long term goal will be explained with a complete scientific approach.
Benefit 4
Meal plans; recipe ideas and related options, to suit your nutritional lifestyle will be shared.
Benefit 5
If it is one time consultation, the session typically will be 1+ hour. If it is a one-month programme, it will consist of 4 sesions/month (1 hour per session).
Benefit 6
At the end of one-month nutritional programme, a complete analysis of the parameters and progress will be shared with the client.