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Make Weight Sets at Home

It can be difficult to keep yourself fit during the lockdown. Don’t worry we have got you covered! Since the lockdown has been further extended, not having workout equipment to exercise for this long is the scariest nightmare for gym freaks. To maintain the body physique and fitness we have come up with some interesting techniques by which you can make the weight sets easily at home.

How to make Dumbbells?

Step 1: Take 2 equally-sized water bottles.
Step 2: Fill them with water or put pebbles or sand.
Step 3: Weigh them so the loads are equivalent for both hands.
Step 4: Lift the bottles like you lift the dumbbells.

How to make a Medicine Ball?

Step 1: Take an old basketball and drill a hole into one of the black stripes. The hole ought to be sufficiently large to put the funnel to fill the weighted material.
Step 2: Place a funnel in the hole and load up with sand or stones until you have accomplished the ideal weight.
Step 3: Utilize a bicycle tyre patch kit to fill the hole. You can likewise utilize duct tape if you don't have a tyre patch kit.
Step 4: Now, the repurposed ball will be able to be utilized simply like a medicine ball.

How to build a Slosh Tube?

Step 1: Take a PVC pipe and 2 caps for both ends. The pipe should be around 4 inches in diameter and 9-10 feet long.
Step 2: Place the first cap on one end and fill the pipe most of the way with water.
Step 3: Cover the other end with the second cap and your slosh tube is ready to use.

How to make a Kettlebell?

Step 1: Take an empty potato, rice or sugar sack.
Step 2: Fill the sack with sand according to your desired weight.
Step 3: At the top of the sack, tie a loop to lift the sack.
Step 4: Use rope or duct tape to make sure that the loop does not detach.
Step 5: Use the duct tape to reinforce the sides and bottom of the sack.

How to make a Barbell?

Step 1: Take 2 packs of 6 bottles each and fill every bottle with water to the top.
Step 2: Align them horizontally along the iron bar next to each other.
Step 3: Stack them on one another. Make sure to leave a lot of space for your hands to hold the bar in wide and narrow grasps.
Step 4: The taping must be utilitarian. Make horizontal, vertical, and diagonal rounds to wrap the packs to the bar.