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worth the weight
Due to the spread of COVID-19, people have been quarantined; schools, universities, gyms and everything in between has been shut down.
While education has been shifted online, an equally important aspect of our lives, working out, has been completely neglected. Not only is this affecting our physical well being but staying in isolation is also causing a lot of mental frustration. Therefore, at this time, physical and mental exercise is the need of the hour.
Hence, we bring to you “worth the weight” - a one of a kind online wellness platform that will provide its users with direct access to personal classes with world-class trainers within the comfort of your home!
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Lowest Prices
Really nothing much to say here! We have the lowest prices in town and it’s not even close.
No Time Waste
Since you don’t have to travel anywhere, Worth the weight is saving you quite a few minutes every day.
Qualified Trainers
Whether it be Pilates, meditation, yoga or functional training, we have the best trainers town, ready to get youto a better place mentally and physically!
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