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We offer various range of fitness classes for your mind, body and spirit.

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Why Workout From Home For Fitness

It is way more convenient as you don’t actually have to spend 30 minutes driving to and coming back from the gym. With us, just open your laptop, click on a link and you’re good to go! Secondly, the trainers we have here one third of the price they charge at conventional gyms.

Fitness is like a relationship.

You Can't Cheat
And expect it to work.

Now, You don't have to compromise on your health. We help you with providing expert trainer to train you at You Home using Live Online Classes.

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Why Choose Us

Here's a few keypoint for "Why you should choose us for your Online Fitness Training".

Lowest Prices

Really nothing much to say here! We have the lowest prices in town and it’s not even close.

No Time Waste

Since you don’t have to travel anywhere, Worth the weight is saving you quite a few minutes every day.

Qualified Trainers

Whether it be Pilates, meditation, yoga or functional training, we have the best trainers town, ready to get you to a better place mentally and physically!

Customize Your Fitness Schedule

Now, You can Customize you own fitness schedule. Choose from different available classes for each day and book your weekly/monthly calendar according to your preference. Worth The Weight give customize fitness solution for each individual for their wellness.
We care for your choice.

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